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My current email server Protonmail, while reliable and easy to get started, ends up indirectly holding you hostage, if you need to add your own domain name, it comes with a steep cost of € 48 per year (not to mention there is no official support for IMAP for the free tier). The next best option I had seen so far was with the same at € 36 per year.

Purelymail is an interesting service offering this and much more at \$ 10 per year. Looks like an indie operation from the website, but it does come with a compelling pricing. It is, however a US based company so all the privacy caveats attaches with the service. Although the company themselves do not sell any data, they do acknowledge the limitations in their approach. Nevertheless I am curious to know how it goes for jlelse.

Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan

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Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan, Ph.D. in Fluid mechanics

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